Queer, Trans, and GNC/NB



“Access to inclusive healthcare is a right, not a privilege”


It’s one thing for a practitioner to be queer, trans, and GNC/NB friendly, but it takes much more to be a practitioner that is competent. Dr. Woo is able to ask medically necessary questions without judgement or bias, for the sole purpose to identify areas that need further medical evaluation. Understanding that gender identity, sexual orientation, and sex assigned at birth can be different in every individual, but all contribute to the necessary medical care needed.


Clinical Experience

Dr. Woo has experience with patients who are in all stages of gender affirming surgeries. From discussing the considerations for top surgery, to low back rehabilitation post operative gender affirming bottom surgery. Understanding these surgical procedures are essential for managing care. A healing environment that incorporates the psychological well being of the patient is essential to approaching pain and injuries from a biopsychosocial perspective.

Your body and feelings are valid. You are valid.


Dr. Woo’s guide to Post Gender Affirming Top Surgery exercises, stretches, and mobility drills.