Access to inclusive healthcare is a right, not a privilege

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Chiropractic for all

The Chiro Collective is dedicated to creating a space that is safe for all individuals to access chiropractic care. We strive to be inclusive to all and assess patients as a whole being. Every patient is an individual and is valued. We care about your health and wellness and want to help you live pain free, maximize potential, and achieve your goals.


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About Us

The Chiro Collective is a space where like-minded health care providers collaborate to assess and treat patients as a whole. Our approach includes decreasing your pain, increasing your daily function and aiming to reduce reinjury. Building resiliency in the body begins with education and application within your life. At The Chiro Collective, we value evidence-based care and know that the mind, body, and the environment integrate intricately to express pain differently. That is while we individualize all treatment plans to each patient. In acute pain patients, we focus on decreasing pain initially with soft tissue therapies, chiropractic adjustments, or mobilizations. Then we implement active rehabilitation to train the mind and body that movement is medicine. Finally, we introduce pain-free exercises to sustain long-term function and help you reach your goals.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Between two bones there is a joint. Surrounding each joint is a capsule of connective tissue. We carefully assess every joint for restriction and lack of motion. Adjustment help increase motion in the joint, stimulating receptors, release endorphins, and help prime the area for decreased pain with exercise.


Myofascial Release Technique

Muscles can have a build-up of chemicals and be stimulated by a nerve that translates pain to your brain. Myofascial release technique aims to stimulate blood circulation to the area of pain, decrease sensitivity, and give you a window of lower pain sensations to allow you to move more.


Rehabilitative Exercises

Muscles control your movement. With careful assessment, we can determine which muscles need more help. Rehab exercises are aimed to focus on certain muscles to increase your awareness when you move. Exercises are shown to profoundly change perceptions of pain, increase body awareness, and reduce risks for injury. It’s all about teaching your mind and your body to connect.


Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape has become wildly popular in professional athletics and the Olympics. It aims to decompress tissue in areas of swelling and stimulate the nerves on the skin as a long lasting sensation to decrease pain. It is made of a unmedicated cotton and nylon blend and the adhesive is latex-free. It can be worn for several days and get wet without losing it’s function.